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Instituto Andaluz de Tecnología. Spain

IAT is an Innovation and Technology Centre created in 1989 as a private non profit  Foundation. It is located in Seville and Málaga (Spain) and has been certified as being of public interest. Operating under strictly professional criteria, its goal is to assist companies and institutions to improve their results while making them sustainable, by providing them value using innovative solutions. 
Active collaborator of the Andalusian Government for Environment to support the implementation of the IPPC Directive in Andalusia, IAT is currently co-ordinating the MED-IPPC-NET project, “Network for strengthening and improving the implementation of the IPPC Directive in the Mediterranean region”, co-funded by the European Commission under the MED Programme for interregional co-operation.  In addition, IAT is the Andalusian Agency of AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification), co-ordinates the Technological Spanish Platform of Environmental Technologies (PLANETA) and participates in the working group on Industrial Activities and IPPC permits at the Spanish National Environmental Conference (CONAMA).


Contact details: 

Eva Pérez (Project Coordinator)

Tel.: +34 954 46 80 10

e-mail: evaperez [at] iat [dot] es