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BAT4MED Dissemination Workshop Successfully Held in Algeria, August 19th, 2013

Rich discussions in the Workshop at the Algerian Cleaner Production Center

As BAT4MED project comes to a close, the project results are being disseminated in other Arab countries of the Mediterranean in a series of workshops. After successful completion of the workshops in the non-project countries of the Mediterranean, Palestine, Lebanon and Libya, the last workshop was then finally in Algeria as the last one in the region. It was held on August 19th, 2013. The workshop was organized by the Center for Environment and Development in the Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE) in cooperation with the Algerian National Cleaner Production Center (CNTPP) and held at their premises.

Stakeholders were mainly from the industries of textiles and dairy sector, the public sector stakeholders, and media. They gathered to learn about BAT4MED project activities and outcomes and to discuss means of incorporating results in policies, plans and programs that address their Cleaner Production concerns and priorities.

The workshop was a milestone in the activities of CNTPP and in Algeria since the invited industry representatives and stakeholders positively noted that it was their first time to learn about CNTPP as a hub for fostering partnerships and promoting capacity building and sharing experience on cleaner production, and it was their first time to gather with peers in the industry for this topic altogether. Furthermore, lessons from BAT4MED that were discussed were met with great enthusiasm and interest.